Menorca has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world

Did you know that Menorca is the first place in Spain where it dawns? and also where it dusk.

Specifically in Sol del Este. It is the most easterly point of the island and of the whole country, therefore where the first dawn is seen, with a difference of 50 minutes with respect to the last dawn of the country within the same time zone.

Surely there is no sunrise or sunset in the world that leaves anyone indifferent, but what happens if we place one of these dream moments in a magical place? that the cocktail is explosive. In this post we are going to talk about the sunset of Menorca.

The sunset in Menorca is one of those moments told, that touch you inside and purify your soul.

If you have had the privilege of enjoying one of the sunsets on the island, go to the next paragraph, if not yet, continue reading this paragraph. Before explaining the SUNSET EXPERIENCE excursion of Jeep Safari Menorca, we will try to tell you what a sunset is in Menorca. For sure you've heard a lot of times that "Menorca is different" , and the truth is that Menorca is different and everything that has to do with the island you won't see, live or feel the same elsewhere. Menorca forces the subconscious to draw the most natural and wild side of each one of us. She is essence and simplicity and invites us to feel it with each one of our senses, from the essential and purest of ourselves. Menorca speaks and pampers, but it is demanding, it wants attention and respect to flow in both directions, that is when magic happens. There is an honest and precious interaction. The sunset in Menorca is one of those numbered instants that touch you inside and purify your soul, the enigmatic moment in which the universe and the earth align and converse. It is the key moment in which the island and the human being come into direct contact. They are minutes of authentic, indescribable interaction. Minutes of mimicry where time stands and you can not hear anything even if you're not alone. Only you, the sea and the infinite horizon bounded by the sun. It is that extraordinary moment that leaves without words, naked and disarms even the most skeptical person. Something like that would be the sunset in Menorca.


If you have had the privilege of exchanging words with the universe here in Menorca, we will not reveal anything you do not know. Surely on your way through the island you have gone to see sunset at the Cavalleria's Lighthouse, one of the most spectacular sunsets in Menorca and sure it has been an unbeatable experience. But what if I told you that it could be even more amazing?

In Menorca there are popular places and other public places more hidden, none has waste. In all the excursions of Jeep Safari Menorca, little known but accessible places are visited. That's why JSM's excursions are one of the most recognized activities on the island, as well as for its content, for the places that are visited. Jeep Safari Menorca has the privilege of enjoying one of the best sunsets on the island in one of these corners. The SUNSET EXPERIENCE tour goes through different places in Menorca, putting the final point with a unique sunset, an exclusive place where only Jeep Safari Menorca can access. A wild area, suitable with care to enjoy, most likely, the most beautiful sunset you have ever lived.

We have tried to explain the indescribable sensation produced by the sunset in Menorca, but no matter how much we tell you, has to be experienced to understand it. Enter the web, choose the evening you want and feel the pure happinnes with us.


See you soon ;)

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