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Permaculture Menorca Tour



Do you know what permaculture is? And regenerative agriculture? Francesc Font will explain it to you during this very special excursion.

Visit the Son Felip and Algaiarens farms, which are part of a 1,000 hectare agricultural project whose key is the regeneration of the soil using holistic management, keyline design and permaculture. Xeixa wheat, olive trees, almond trees, bees, cows, pigs, sheep, chickens ... All of them promote biodiversity that contributes to capturing carbon from the soil, creating a more sustainable future.

Do you want to know how to mitigate climate change, produce healthy food and create beautiful landscapes? Here you will find out!

Permaculture is an agricultural, economic, political and social design that is based on the maintenance of diverse ecosystems, which provide stability and resistance to the environment. It's the harmonious integration of nature and human beings producing food, energy, shelter and other necessities in a sustainable way. In other words, it is the philosophy of working with, and not against, nature.


Visit one of the most beautiful landscapes in Menorca. Receive unique training from a prestigious expert in regenerative agriculture: Francesc Font. He learns the values ​​and methods taken into account for a sustainable and earth-friendly agricultural production, which reduces the carbon footprint, that is, the signal left by our gas emissions and that contribute to the greenhouse effect. And this means? That this farm removes more CO2 from the atmosphere than it emits. The balance is always positive. In fact, it is one of the few farms in Europe that has managed to obtain economic benefits from sustainable agriculture and livestock. Undoubtedly an example to follow to build a future more supportive of the environment, and that only Jeep Safari Menorca can teach you on this island.

The Permaculture Menorca Tour experience consists of an 8-hour tour, 3 of which will be through the Son Felip private estate, directed by Francesc Font, its agronomic director and an expert in permaculture and regenerative agriculture. You will taste their oils and you will have the possibility to buy them directly on the farm. During the rest of the day, discover why Menorca is a Biosphere Reserve since 1993. Menorca is history, culture, it's pure nature that extends along ravines that end in virgin coves. It's fauna and flora limited by curious rocky walls. Enjoy the day feeling the sun and the sea breeze aboard a Land Rover Defender that will take you to discover rural roads through which you will reach incredible corners. It will be a unique experience!

Personalized Itinerary

We offer you interesting proposals, but we like you to participate in the itinerary design process. What attracts you the most from Menorca? Is there a special place for you? We have access to private estates, without crowds and including the tasting of a selection of artisan products from this farm.

You will spend the day visiting the most secret corners of the island, learning about permaculture and regenerative agriculture and about the positive impact it has for Menorca and for all the living beings that inhabit it.

Specializaed Guides / languages

Our driver-guides are multilingual and trained to answer all your questions about Menorca in up to 7 languages.



  • The experience is approximately 8 hours in total.


Vacancies for the excursion

The tour is done in a private car, the maximum number of people per car is 7.

You can reserve one or more vehicles for your family or friends group.



Private: 860€


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